Promotional models are often stereotyped for all the wrong reasons. However, there are a myriad of benefits behind the personas of long legs, washboard stomachs, and gorgeous smiles of promo models.

Have you ever driven past a tranquil, day dreamy billboard sign and thought “wow, I really want to go there”? Has your attention been stolen by crisp photography and good-looking models frolicking on the sand, or driving a hotted-up car, on the pages of your favourite magazine? I bet you can answer yes to one or all. Now, imagine if you could reach out and touch the serene landscape, jump into that car, or soak up the sun rays and share the fun with those people immediately. Imagine the experience, conversations and interaction you could have.

Real-life experiences offer so much more than any print or media advertising can. Here are our top three reasons why you need to hire a promotional model for your next event.

Interaction and Memorable Experience

Promotional models offer the real-life experience and interaction that you can’t achieve with print brochures and pamphlets alone. There is no substitute for personal connections and intriguing human conversation. Through sharing a little knowledge and information about your company, an articulate brand ambassador can create an effective foot in the door to potential clients.

Brand ambassadors can be effective at inviting customers in, engaging in an introduction and handing them over to you, the expert on the business, for more information.

Build the Energy

Promo girls and guys are renowned for their vibrant energy and charm. Bright smiles, upbeat personalities, and welcoming attitudes can be the difference between someone stopping by to say hello, or remembering the conversation to look up your details at a later date. Promotional staff help to keep up spirits at trade fairs, expos, award presentations, and all events in between.


You can’t ask your magazine advert to be any more than that, and you can’t get the voiceover guy to jump out of the radio and come alive. And, when referring to events, you can’t be in multiple places at the one time. But, promotional event staff can help with this burden. Versatile promo staff can offer a touch of glamour (let’s be honest, this also proves effective at grabbing attention), a boost of energy, a lasting impression, a physical presence, and a marketer for your business. All the while, you can concentrate on the business nitty gritty detail and focus on other necessities.

A quality brand ambassador can effectively expose your brand with a warming first impression, engage with potential clients through their energetic and charismatic style, influence buyer decision through real-life interaction, impress your customers with a positive connection, and act as an overall advocate for your business.

There is so much more to a promotional model than just a pretty face. Our talent agency offers promotional models Australia-wide. If you’re looking for a brand ambassador, event staff, and promo models for that versatile, engaging punch, contact us online and check out our portfolio of potential candidates. There is no event too big or too small for our talented pool of applicants.

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