It’s becoming more apparent in a competitive world that to gain more attention and impact, you need to offer real experiences!

One high-impact way to achieve this is by offering freebies, samples, test and try; everyone loves getting something for nothing, right? This is where Promotional Models, Event Staff and Brand Ambassadors are their most effective.


Promotional Street Teams

Street teams are flexible, transportable, walking, talking promotions for your business. You don’t get this with any high-cost print advertising.

Whether through the inclusion of glamorous girls, corporate-styled hosts, or even someone in a rabbit suit, as long as they have something tangible to offer, you’re guaranteed to catch the attention of many


Brand Ambassadors

Get focussed attention by engaging the help of Brand Ambassadors, Promo Models and Event Staff. PMA Models’ teams can enhance any part of your event, from reception right through to on-the-floor assistance.


In-Store Promotional Staff

Have you thought about making the use of Promotional Staff and Brand Ambassadors for in-store advertising, or to draw customers to your shopfront as well?

The uses for professional Promotional Models are vast and flexible, and its easy to see how they offer so much.

Don’t let your competitors get the advantage over YOU! Street teams and Brand Ambassadors can whirl your product into the world, faster than a delivery guy on a $100 tip promise. Give our professional Street Teams and Promotional Models a try, and check out the benefits for yourself.


Contact PMA Models to discuss our talent offerings and services online today, or get in touch with our team by giving us a call on 1300 570 339.

Sarah Stewart