Trade shows can be overwhelming for some. There are booths and products at every corner, and so much to organise!   So, how do you make your booth a success? Statistics show that people are highly attracted to booths that are bright, interesting, look interactive and friendly!


The benefits are many in hiring the right promotional staff for your booth. Listed here are the top five:


1.    OFFERS HIGH IMPACT AT LOW COST PROMOTIONAL staff create lead generation for your business at a low cost with a high impact.


2.    MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE educated and briefed, promotional staff will communicate your product in a professional manner and with a great a smile.


3.    EASY TO WORK WITH staff are carefully picked to match your business, in order to convey the right type of personality. The model's job is to interact with booth visitors in the style you need.


4.    HANDLE THE TOUGH VISITORS without putting a negative impression on your company’s brand, PROMOTIONAL staff are used to dealing with the toughest of questions and they can tolerate the rude visitors without putting a negative impression on your company’s brand.


5.    AN EXTRA HAND WITH ODD JOBS gives you an extra hand and peace of mind to be able to get on with business.



PMA is proud to be Australia's most versatile, specialised and reliable Promotional Talent Agency.


PMA represents over 500 female and Male talent Australia Wide!!!


If you would like to speak with the experts in the game, please do not hesitate to contact Promotional Models Australia on 1300 570 339.