Name Jade W

Gender Female

Height 172

Dress Size 8

Location Queensland


I'm a young 20 year old female from the Gold Coast. 
I'm a kiwi and maori girl with many interests including
fashion, fitness and modelling of course. I have no
previous experience in professional modelling yet
although I am currently training in a modelling course
based on the gold coast through a private agency. I
have much experience working as a lingerie/ bikini
waitress and in promo and sales work. I am a person
with much passion and drive inside to succeed in
anything I have my mind set on.

Jade W is available for | Alcohol Promotions | Corporate Functions | Costume Promotions | Dancers and Cheerleaders | Event Staff | Fashion Parades| Fit Models | Fitness Sports Models | Golf Days | Grid Girls | In Store Demonstrations | Major Events | Night Clubs | Photographic Models | Product Launches | Product Sampling | Trade Shows | TV Extras and Commercials

Jade W is available in | Brisbane, Queensland | Gold Coast, Queensland | Surfers Paradise, Queensland


Have worked in the promo agency for almost a year
as a bikini and lingerie waitress in pubs/ taverns
and for private parties and functions. my highlights
of my career in this field would be, number one of
course, the great pay for such easy work. Its very
cruisey, I've never had any bad experiences or
problems with any jobs. My strengths include being
confident, being able to handle and deal with guys
that may act inappropriate towards me during a job, 
doing so in a professional matter. I'm a great
communicator, I have great strive and
determination and setbacks do not deter me from
moving forward. When taking on new goals I will
not allow anything to stop me from reaching my


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