Lady’ Jane Stewart Cornes, founding Director of Promotional Models Australia and Lady Jane Healthy Living, is defying the doctors to run the New York Marathon and raise money for underprivileged kids.

Fitness model-turned-entrepreneur Jane Stewart Cornes from the Gold Coast is definitely a woman to wonder at. She has taken multi-tasking to a new level by running two successful businesses, being a wife and mother, maintaining a strenuous fitness schedule and still finding time to be an occasional fitness model and support charities. Now she’s set her sights on running the 2014 TCS New York Marathon on 2nd November to raise as much money as possible for the ‘Team for Kids’ charity.

It may seem that this new day Wonder Woman, who was recently nominated for the Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year Award, has it all. But life has been no bed of roses for Jane. 12 years ago she suffered from a life-threatening lung condition. Her healthy lifestyle, physical strength and positive mental mindset helped her recover - and now there’s simply no stopping her.

“When I became ill, it was a really difficult time. I fought and I won but at the time my physician told me to not even entertain the idea of any endurance activity. But through sheer hard work and determination, I got back to great physical shape. And 4 marathons later, I’m looking forward to competing in the world’s most thrilling marathon in New York and raising money for kids!” laughed Jane, delighted to have proved the medics wrong.

As a mother and a lifelong fitness and healthy nutrition devotee, Jane believes passionately that all children should be able to exercise regularly and understand how to have a healthy lifestyle. She will be hosting her very own family boot camp sessions later in the year with entertainment and fun fitness sessions for the kids. Health and fitness experts from Lady Jane will be on hand to give individual nutrition and supplement advice. There will also be the stunning Promotional Models Australia promotional staff assisting with promotional giveaways, and an exciting street team campaign – all for just a small donation.

Lady Jane Healthy Living was founded by Jane in 2011 and supplies premium nutritional, weight loss and sports supplements along with training and diet advice. It is specifically targeted at women who want a healthier lifestyle through regular exercise and nutrition.

This passion for children’s fitness explains why Jane will be proud to pound 42.2km along the New York streets on 2nd November - all the money she raises for ‘Team for Kids’ will go to serve over 200,000 deprived children around the globe and offer running and character-building programs to help combat childhood obesity and the often chronic illnesses associated with being overweight and unfit.

To be eligible to enter the world’s most renowned race, Jane has to raise some serious dollars. She has already agreed to donate 5% of profits from Lady Jane Healthy Living to ‘Team for Kids’ over the next 3 months, from sales at the Mermaid Beach store, and from Australia Wide Online. Also, Promotional Models Australia will be donating their gorgeous promotional models for all of Jane’s fund raising events. This shows real commitment to fund raising but Jane needs to bring more meaning to her miles by getting as many other people as possible to donate too.

Jane’s endurance training schedule, set in conjunction with trainer Hayley Betram, is certainly daunting for less energetic mortals. She is out running and in full stride by 6am, often running 2 hours per day.   She juggles her work and family commitments, and complements her fitness regime with a healthy diet and nutritional supplements from her own range of products. But perhaps not surprisingly Jane is normally tucked up in bed by 8pm.

Luckily Jane has the full support and encouragement of her back-up team – her husband, friends and work colleagues. Or does luck really have anything to do with it? Jane Stewart Cornes is an inspirational role model who has worked incredibly hard to achieve what she has today and deserves the fullest support from those closest to her. Her philosophy sums up her outlook on life perfectly: ‘‘Live life to the fullest, follow your dreams, let your heart guide you and surround yourself with people who love and inspire you.’’

If you are inspired and impressed by Jane’s story, then help her to raise money for children in need when she runs the TCS New York Marathon on the 2nd November 2014. Simply go to Jane’s fundraising webpage and make a donation – however large or small – and rest easy in the knowledge that you are helping to improve an underprivileged child’s life.

More Information

Jane is being sponsored to run in the New York Marathon by Promotional Models Australia and Lady Jane Healthy Living.   Donations to raise money for Jane’s chosen charity, ‘Team for Kids’ can be made online at Jane’s fundraising webpage:

All donations are tax deductable and people who work for companies with a matching gift program can effectively double their donation.


Jane has released a short video which can be seen below and at

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