"Electronic Wire Guidance Australasia Pty Ltd (EWGA) , set it's sights this year on making an impression , and it's first ever appearance at the Materials Handling and Safety show held in Melbourne at the Melbourne Exhibition and Conference centre. I , Andrew Pettiford, director of EWGA, turned to Jane, director of Promotional Models Australia (PMA) , for guidance in order to make the event a stand out for EWGA. Jane was most helpful, in suggesting an approach which was both tasteful and elegant, reflecting our companies values. The girls from PMA were not only stunning, but also very professional , and carried themselves well. I was particularly impressed with how the girls picked up the product we offer so easily, and were able to explain how the product works to potential customers. The show was a great success for us, with plenty of interest generated, and I have no doubt that this is largely due to the girls providing an active presence at the show. I received positive feedback from both customers and other stand owners , who also said the girls carried themselves very well. I am very grateful for the assistance of PMA , and would not only use them in the future, but would encourage anyone else who would like to stand out from the crowd to consider using them as well. "


elizabeth stewart