In May this year, Think Smart Money engaged the services of Promotional Models Australia to create a memorable video that showcases a luxury lifestyle.  Think Smart Money are a fantastic company that are engineered to assist everyday people with working smarter, not harder, and earning passive income.

The purpose of the video was to show what lifestyle you could enjoy if money was no option.  It’s a lifestyle I’m sure we would all love to live!

PMA was commissioned to provide 10 stunning, classy models for various scenes.  These models were handpicked by the CEO, Kristy Woodhead, and our client was provided a selection of talent to choose from.  Once the talent were nominated and booked for the shoot, Kristy met with the client on site to discuss the styling, timing and creation of the video.

Kristy supervised the shoot from start to finish of which the client was extremely appreciative.  This was our most memorable video campaign due to the beauty of the home, the cars, the boats and the fun our staff had on the day.


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