"Promotional Models Australia – Talkin’ Bout A Revolution"

Jane Stewart possesses a special something that every would-be entrepreneur craves – the ability to see a gaping void in the market and not just fill it, but to create a business that revolutionizes the industry in the process.

When Jane founded Promotional Models Australia (PMA) in 2005 it marked the start of a new era in the world of promotional modelling. As a model herself, Jane had plenty of experience of the highs and lows in the industry – and in the early 2000’s the negatives were definitely outweighing the positives. Models were frequently under paid, or worse still, waited for pay that never materialized - and there was no modelling union or professional body to turn to.Things weren’t too rosy for clients either.

Promotional modelling websites were a thing of the future and clients had to choose talent from agency hard cards displaying head shots, or by phone where the agency was invariably adamant that their model was absolutely perfect for the client’s campaign. But all too often the talent was mediocre, failed to match expectations and was a long way from understanding the importance of their role. “After 10 years in the modeling industry I was disappointed by the lack of improvement in working conditions for models,” said Jane. “And as a model well known for my strong work ethic, clients started to contact me directly to recommend talent. After asking them a few questions, I completely understood what they were looking for and could introduce them to the right model for their needs.”

Jane soon realized that if the industry wanted to thrive, it had to listen to its clients and to make far more effort to look after models’ interests. “It was time to take matters into my own hands!” smiled Jane at the memory. Armed with a clear vision of how to refashion the modelling industry, Jane decided to create an agency where old school charm, grooming, style and deportment ruled, and where her models would be far removed from the trend of Indy grid girls wearing minimal clothing and make-up caked on so thickly it could be scraped off with a spoon.

She knew that large corporate companies wanted talent with brains as well as beauty. So Jane’s models wouldn’t just be pretty; they would be pretty darned smart. Oozing reliability and professionalism, these high caliber models would have a real interest in helping companies market their products. And to make her business a roaring success, Jane intended to sprinkle a little marketing know-how, event organization panache and solid corporate management into the mix to create the perfect product: stylish, sleek and refreshingly professional.

In 2005 Jane launched PMA onto an unsuspecting market. “‘When I look back at those hectic times, I realize there was a door waiting to be opened – and I was the one with the key. It was exhilarating and exhausting, but I know I breathed a new lease of life into an industry that was flagging.” Initially Jane worked with a small number of clients and with contacts she had within the Fitness and Nutrition industry. But using her sales skills, her insider knowledge of the promotional modeling world, and her natural charming demeanour switched to full power, clients were soon clamouring for Jane’s expertise. Her company was able to supply the right talent to the right client every time, and simultaneously looked after its talent impeccably.

Fast forward to 2014, and PMA has reached the enviable heights of smooth professionalism. It boasts an exceptional client-friendly website showcasing everything from natural and glamorous images of talent, to video links of models in action. There are more than 2000 promotional models on its books Australia-wide, many of whom have come from high-end agencies to seek regular work rather than waiting futilely for a golden goose to fall into their lap.

PMA now boasts the title of the number one promotional modeling agency in the country. It’s really no surprise when the fundamental philosophy hasn’t changed from its conception: PMA continues to offer a premium service in the selection and management of promotional and modeling staff. Whether a company needs a model as a brand ambassador, for a product launch or needs a photographic model, PMA will deliver on time, within budget and guarantees to impress.

Unlike other organizations which claim to offer the best services around but fail to deliver on their promises, PMA easily lifts its pretty head and shapely shoulders high above the competition and proudly delivers exactly what the client needs. “I know I have been pivotal in revolutionizing the promotional modelling industry in Australia and I am incredibly proud of that achievement,” said Jane. “And it’s satisfying to know I help businesses bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars of income every year by using my excellent promotional talent.”

An industry which once revolved around beauty alone received a sharp wake-up call thanks to Jane. It now places equal emphasis on professionalism, ability, personality and experience, and strives to help clients improve brand recognition and consumer interaction.And for all of these positive advances, we have to say a very big Peter Jago hats off to Jane Stewart Cornes for having the vision and courage to lead the way.

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