Whether you are organising social events, functions or your next business luncheon, standing out is no easy task, and its getting more difficult to discover ways that will impact people to leave a lasting impression. 

Its difficult, but not impossible.

Effective differentiation is key for standing out! If you find that you’re stuck with ideas, we are here to help with 5 top tips.

1. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Treat every customer like royalty. All customers have a expectation of great service. Poor customer service pushes consumers away. According to research most consumers want the ability to solve product/service problems on their own, while half switched brands because of poor customer service.

2. Keep Up to Date with New Technologies

Continue to reinvent your company by adopting new up-to-date trends in technologies such as Social Media and Apps.  A large number of consumers now prefer to be in contact with their favourite companies via Social Media which offers one to one customer service. Also, Apps are a great way to make the consumers life easier.

3. Offer a Guarantee

Show that you stand behind your service or product 100% by offering some sort of Guarantee. Adding this reassurance allows prospects to relax as there is very low risk , and creates positive feelings of satisfaction and care.

4. Be Relatable

Offering constant familiarity to your customers builds trust. Research studies show that only just 15% of people will trust what a brand says. However 90% will trust word of mouth value.

5. Tell Your Story

Your story is what makes you unique because NO ONE has the exact same story! Use this to your advantage. Telling your story makes you memorable and relatable, it helps you better connect with your consumers.


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Sarah Stewart