What are the specific categories associated in the modelling and promotional industry? 
Here we will describe the many types of modelling and promotions you will find within the industry. Some models only fit into a certain category, while another model may fit into multiple. With that in mind, here are the categories at a glance:

FASHION MODEL - This category is the most exclusive and most difficult of all categories for a model to get into, much less succeed in. As a whole, a fashion model MUST be tall, young, and thin. In addition, there are fashion model size requirements. Below is a general requirement which can vary from Agency to Agency

  • Female Fashion Models:
  • Model Height Requirement: 5’9” to 6”.
  • Model Measurement Requirement: 34-24-34. (There are exceptions within one inch, and MAYBE two, of this standard. Anything beyond that is extremely unlikely to be considered.)
  • Model Age Requirement: 16-35 years old.
  • Model Size Requirement: 6-10
  • Male Fashion Models:
  • Model Height Requirement: 5’11” to 6’2”.
  • Model Measurement Requirement: Waist between 29” and 32”. Shirt size between 15-15 ½ neck, sleeve size between 32 and 34. Jacket size between 40 and 42.
  • Model Age Requirement: 18-35 years old.

EDITORIAL FASHION MODEL - These models are the ones you find in the editorial spreads of pages like Elle, Vogue, Madison, Marie Clare etc. You MUST fit the modelling requirements for a “Fashion Model” (listed above) in order to be considered for this category.

RUNWAY MODEL - Models that walk the catwalk or runway; a “live model.” Runway models are hired to use their bodies to display the fashion garments of a specific clothing designer. They must be tall (5’9” and up for females, 5’11” and up for males), slender, have measurements that fit the standard clothing size, and know how to walk the catwalk. 
COMMERCIAL MODEL - Most agency models work in this category. Commercial models work a variety of different jobs, including: print advertisements, catalogues, television shows, magazines, trade shows, and much more. There are no height or size requirements to be a commercial model. 
PRINT MODEL - Print models are used for many different types of publications, such as: magazines, print advertisements, billboards, posters, calendars, campaigns, booklets, flyers, banners. Print models must have an attractive face, good skin, a nice body, and a pretty smile. 
FITNESS MODEL - Fitness models are toned, in-shape, healthy, and have good muscle tone. There are no size/height requirements, but they must be in shape! 
PROMO MODEL / PROMOTIONAL MODEL - A promotional model, also known as a promo model, is a model that is hired or employed to represent a brand, product, or service. This category of modelling does not have a height or weight requirement; thus making it much easier to get into promotional modelling than it is to get into many other types of modelling. While there are no height/weight requirements, there are other general requirements for booking paid promo work such as a great attitude, outgoing nature, a nice smile, and the ability to easily adapt/learn.
TRADE SHOW MODEL OR BRAND AMBASSADOR - These models are employed by a company to represent their brand, product, or service specifically at a trade show or convention. There are no height/size requirements, but these models need to be outgoing, reliable, and professional and take direction well.

A brand ambassador is like a spokesperson for the brand and will go out of their way to ensure a positive experience is achieved for all.


This is essentially a sampling role and is often performed in a licensed establishment such as a hotel or night club. These are often referred to as 'On Premises' or 'Off Premises'. Both females and males are often required to drive from venue to venue visiting each location for a few hours, sampling the product, running offers and taking photos with patrons.

Promotional Models Australia is the nations leading agency for alcohol sampling activations. With over 2000 talent Australia wide and state of the art streamlined management systems, PMA has the systems and capacity to role out multiple activations Australia wide ensuring a succesful outcome every time.

To find out more, contact our head office on 1300 570 339.


A competition or special call to action campaign. Promotional models are often used at trade shows, events and venues to attain data from consumers they come in contact with.

The Promotional models role is to entice people to enter a competition or subscribe to a newsletter that allows the company to market direct to that lead. This gives the client a database of interested participants who want to communicate with their company.

Database building is fast becoming a proactive way to utilise promotional models at events as potential clients are often more likely to interact with them over a sales person

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